Rstaking is a crypto ecosystem that provides (PoS) Proof of Stake in ALL COINS/BUSD BEP20 and Tether USDT pair (ERC TRC BEP20). We are the world's first DAP that allows users to earn rewards in stable BUSD BEP20 and Tether USDT (ERC TRC BEP20) for betting over 200 coins and tokens on 7 blockchains.
The goal of RSTAKING is to provide complete freedom and security for users:
  • No user verification (no KYC)
  • 24 words for recovery
  • No withdrawal limit
Security and complete autonomy are two vulnerabilities in the world of blockchain technology.
  • We have implemented the first ever technology to protect user data by hosting databases on 130 secure servers in 25 countries
  • Endless mirrors system using (-1+3) technology
Learn more in the "SAFETY" section. NFT Signature Collection. -More than 15,000 NFT incredible rhinos on 3 leading trading floors.
RHIN TOKEN - The payment tool of the future of the blockchain community.
RMOBILE - The first private mobile operator using ESim technology
DECENTRALIZED SOCIAL MEDIA 3.0 - The first decentralized honest media
Explore us, indulge yourself.