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RSTAKING, as well as any launchpad project sent by the RSTAKING are utility tokens and are only to enable token holders to undertake actions within the RSTAKING platform. RSTAKING is not a currency and should not be considered one by holders. RSTAKING must not be held or earned as a reward by any individual resident and/or citizen of a country in which holding such tokens is illegal and/or in countries that consider such tokens securities. It is the readers responsibility to know the laws relevant to their legal jurisdiction and ensure they are compliant at all times.
There are no guarantees that the RSTAKING project and/or platform will succeed financially. There is no inherent monetary value associated with the RSTAKING. If the RSTAKING is subsequently listed on a centralized or decentralized exchange, then there is no guarantee that the RSTAKING will rise in value nor have any value at all.
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RSTAKING reserves the right to require all platform participants submit verifiable identity and residence documentation at any time in order for the RSTAKING to comply with Anti Money laundering responsibilities. User validation is an exception to the rule. Regular users are not subject to verification. Users who send suspicious funds to the RSTAKING address are subject to verification. If the user has a question about the legality of the funds being sent, he can check his funds on the website before sending.

Distribution of funds in liquidity pools for USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20)/BUSD BEP20, USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20)/USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20), BUSD BEP20/BUSD BEP20, BUSD BEP20/USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20).

At opening a staking in pairs between USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20)/BUSD BEP20, USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20)/USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20), BUSD BEP20/BUSD BEP20, BUSD BEP20/USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20) over 500,000 USD, the user is automatically enrolled in the high-efficiency liquidity pools.
High-efficiency liquidity pools imply a minimum allowed amount for withdrawal between liquidity pools and any addresses.
The minimum withdrawal amount is 1,400,000 USD for any type of stable coins.
Rules apply to open staking in pairs USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20)/BUSD BEP20, USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20)/USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20), BUSD BEP20/BUSD BEP20, BUSD BEP20/USDT (ERC20/TRC20/BEP20) only.
This material does not constitute any representation as to the suitability or appropriateness of any utility asset, financial product, or instrument. There is no guarantee that investment in the RSTAKING will be profitable or will not incur loss. This information does not have regard to the specific investment objectives, financial situation, and the needs of any specific person who may view its investor materials. Investors should seek financial advice regarding the appropriateness of investing in any security or investment strategy discussed in this Whitepaper and should understand that statements regarding prospects may not be realized. Investors should note that security values may fluctuate and that the Token’s price or value may rise or fall. Accordingly, investors may receive back less than originally invested. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Investing in any cryptocurrency involves certain risks called non-diversifiable risk. These risks include market risk, interest-rate risk, inflation risk, and event risk. These risks are in addition to any specific, or diversifiable, risks associated with particular investment styles or strategies.