SSH - key

The technology is based on a pair of cryptographic keys that are used to verify authenticity as an alternative to authentication using a password. The entrance system uses closed and open keys that create before authentication. The closed key is kept secret by a reliable user, while the open key can be distributed from any SSH server that you need to connect.


The firewall is part of the software or software and hardware that filters network traffic and controls access to the network. This means blocking or restricting access to each open port, except for exceptions.


Open Keys Infrastructure (PKI) - a set of systems that are designed to create, control and check certificates for identifying persons and encryption of the transmitted data. After authentication, they can also be used for encrypted communication.

Isolated implementation environment

By dividing the processes into separate environments, we increase the ability to quickly isolate any possible threats. Like the compartments in ships that restrain the holes in the body and do not allow the vessel to drown, the separated components of server infrastructure will help cut off the cracker access to other parts of the system.

A detailed response from the head of the company's security service.

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–Lee Kohn